Former NFL Player Accused Of Leaving Town To Avoid Child Support Payments To His Disabled Daughter

Former NFL player Clint Session is being accused of leaving town so he won’t have to pay child support.

Session owes nearly $600,000 in child support and lawyer’s fees, and is being accused of trying to dodge his debts by his ex-girlfriend, Davia Bradshaw, Bossip reports. Bradshaw filed documents in Florida, which claimed that she believed Session went to Indiana so he wouldn’t have to pay the child support he owes for their daughter, Ashton.

According to documents obtained by Bossip, Session attempted the same move in 2016, forcing Bradshaw to file a complaint with the Indiana Family Court to make him pay his dues. Bradshaw sued Session over his apparent negligence. 

In 2015, a judge ordered Session to pay $6,917 a month towards his daughter, who suffers from severe health issues. The judge demanded that $2,616 of the payment go towards her care. According to court documents, Session only paid $4,800 from 2016 to 2019. More paperwork showed the former NFL player tried to avoid the payments altogether by transferring $5.1 million to his parents, so it appeared that he is broke.

A warrant has already been issued for Session’s arrest for failing to pay off $289,467 in back support by last month’s deadline. On top of that, a judge added $256,308 in lawyer’s fees, coming to a total of $584,608 plus interest. Last month, Session didn’t show up for his child support case, claiming he couldn’t show up because he had to make a doctor’s appointment for mental health issues. But Bradshaw said Session lied, saying that he emailed the judge about not being able to appear after he’d already arrived back in Florida.

Session, who is currently a free agent, signed a $30 million deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2011 – guaranteed $11 million with a $6 million signing bonus. Bradshaw wants Session to turn over his financial documents or turn himself to police.

Clint Session accused of skipping town
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  1. Clint Session refuses to obey Court’s Orders to pay child support for his severely &permanentl disabled 7year old daughter. He now owes over $600,000.00 for his daughter who needs care 24/7. She cannot walk or talk or feed herself or do anything on her own. The Court has entered Orders to pay & Clint Session just ignores &pays Zero monies. He let the health Insurance lapse &pays Zero. There are Writs & Arrest warrants &Clint Session pays Zero. He moves from Florida to Indiana &pays Zero. He lies &pays Zero

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