Exclusive: French Montana Talks Canada Dry Partnership, Reconnecting With His Dad, and More [Video]

Exclusive: French Montana Talks Canada Dry Partnership, Reconnecting With His Dad, and More [Video]

French Montana is a significant figure in the New York rap scene, and when it comes to music and entrepreneurship, the rapper has that in the bag. From staying current by collaborating with the hottest artist to landing partnerships with popping brands, French shows why his grind is unmatched.

In an exclusive interview with Baller Alert, French talks about the top features from his latest album, reconnecting with his father after 15 years, and more.

Expanding his influence yet again, the “Unforgettable” rapper recently announced his new collaborations with legendary perfumer Kilian Hennessy as well as Canada Dry. It turns out the beverage campaign is a dream come true. “This collaboration came from my love for Canada Dry,” the rapper shared. “Since I was a kid, that was my go-to drink, and now that I’m older, everything is coming to fruition.”



 “They Got Amnesia” is the rapper’s 4th studio album, released by epic records in 2021. Ahead of the album’s completion, French was rushed to the hospital due to a health scare in 2019. A photo remake of him in the hospital is the album’s cover art, but French said that’s not the only meaning behind the album’s title. “I just feel like every year you have to reinvent yourself and show people that you can do this and do that,” he said. “You gotta keep the bar high. And every year, you gotta remind people cus they forget.” 

Montana’s best asset remains his ability to get talented people in a room to make great music, which he did with this latest album. What makes “They Got Amnesiasuccessful is French’s range, from maximalist luxury rap to bouncing strip club anthems and back again. He adapts to his guest, making Doja Cat, Lil Tjay, and Rick all sound aligned on the same album. He then switches from club music to hot girl/hot girl anthems with Saweetie to street rap with Kodack Black — now that’s diversity. 

Though he enjoyed all features on the album, French had a few favorites. “My top two features on the album, I would have to say, was Ross and John Legend,” said French. “And I have to throw in Pop Smoke just because it’s so New York, and we had a great working relationship.” 

Growing up in New York as an immigrant from Morocco, success was not a guarantee, but French made sure he made a name for himself. After moving to the United States with his parents when he was thirteen, his father returned to Morocco shortly after, leaving a young French and his mother in “The Big Apple.” In 2015 – more than 15 years later and with French’s considerable success — the family reconnected on a trip to Morocco. “Reconnecting with him and being at the level of success I was at was a very proud moment,” he said. “One thing about making a parent proud is a blessing from God. Seeing my whole family back together was a blessing.”

 French is in the most incredible/healthiest space in his life. With everything he’s been through and accomplished, we cant wait to see what the veteran rapper is bringing into this new season of his life.

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