Future Sues Alleged Baby Mama For Revealing Details About Their Sexual Relationship And His Genitalia

Future has filed a lawsuit against his alleged baby mama #ElizaReign because she won’t stop talking about their intimate past.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, the Atlanta rapper is taking Reign back to court over libel. Future claims that Reign has performed an invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. In the suit, Future states the filing comes from Reign’s disclosure of “intimate facts learned about” him “during private consensual sexual activity.”

The rapper claims that Reign has publicly spoken about him in interviews and on social media, and he is demanding that it come to an end. He added that the content that Reign has revealed “constitute a shameful and outrageous invasion” of his rights to privacy. Future goes on to say that Reign does not exhibit human dignity and “cares only about increasing her popularity in an attempt to rise to fame and gained the economic proceeds therefrom on the basis of her private sexual consensual relationship” with him.

Future says Reign has acted without his consent and shared “intimate and private details” about him. The details were “learned by Defendant while she was” having sex with Future, which he claims was merely for clout. Future admitted that he was sexually active with Reign from 2016 to 2018 but said if he knew she would go public about their relationship, he would have never become involved with her. Future says that Reign began harassing him online by selling shirts that read “1-800-Deadbeat,” and said Reign gave a “vivid description of Plaintiff’s genitalia” and provided “details of their private sexual encounters.”

The rapper claims Reign’s actions have made him suffer “substantial embarrassment, humiliation, and hurt feelings,” and wants the court to send her an injunction banning her from talking about him. The lawsuit also includes unspecified damages he is seeking from Reign.

Future & Eliza LAwsuit

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