Fyre Festival Founder Rearrested and Charged For Scamming People While Out on Bail

Fyre Festival founder #BillyMcFarland has been arrested, once again, on fraud charges for crimes he committed while awaiting sentencing for another fraud case. 

Just three months after McFarland pleaded guilty to defrauding investors and vendors in the “luxury” Fyre Festival scheme, McFarland was rearrested and charged for running a fake ticket-selling scam while out on bail. ⠀⠀

According to Variety, McFarland used NYC VIP Access, a company he had control of, to cover his tracks in the scheme, where he sold more than $100,000 worth of fake tickets to events such as Coachella, Met Gala and more. In fact, sources say McFarland targeted attendees of the disastrous Fyre Festival to purchase the fake tickets, as he used a spreadsheet identifying the attendees with the highest incomes.


Since then though, McFarland has been busted and slapped with a third count of wire fraud on to his two existing counts, in addition to a money laundering charge. However, prosecutors say they have evidence that McFarland may have also committed bank fraud and identity theft in that time frame as well. 



“William McFarland, already awaiting sentencing for a prior fraud scheme, allegedly continued to conduct criminal business as usual,” United States Attorney Geoffrey Berman said in a statement. 



If convicted, McFarland faces a maximum of 40 years for the two new charges.

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