Georgia Couple Charged With Murdering Toddler They Were Babysitting

Georgia Couple Charged With Murdering Toddler They Were Babysitting

A Georgia couple is behind bars after murdering a toddler that was in their care.

Juan Martinez and Nancy Martinez of Gainesville were arrested Monday after 2-year-old Valeria Jordan Garfias died Sunday after sustaining multiple severe injuries while the couple was babysitting her. The child’s parents were friends of the Martinez’s and trusted them with their daughter while they worked.

On Sunday afternoon, between noon and 2 p.m., detectives believe Juan and Nancy inflicted “traumatic brain injury and other internal injuries,” including trauma to the abdominal area of the young child. Emergency services were contacted around 1:50 p.m., and the Hall County Fire Services rushed Valeria to Northeast Georgia Medical Center. However, the nature of her injuries required that she be airlifted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Sadly, doctors could not save Valeria, and she passed away at the Atlanta medical center.

Authorities have not yet publicly disclosed a motive for why the couple attacked the child. Juan and Nancy have both been charged with first-degree murder and cruelty to children. They both remain held without bail.

Attorney Arturo Corso, who is representing Nancy, says she is “inconsolable” following Valeria’s death. Corso revealed that Nancy and the toddler’s mother are lifelong friends. He claims his client is innocent and that “whatever happened to this child clearly happened while Nancy was at work.” Corso is confident that phone and work records will corroborate her story.

The family has launched a short-lived GoFundMe campaign to cover Valeria’s funeral cost. It was disabled after reaching $1,530.

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