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Georgia Couple Die Hours Apart From Covid-19 On Thanksgiving Day

A couple in Georgia has died just hours apart from each other from Covid-19.

Wilma Gail Bowen, 70, and her husband, Willard Bowen, 73, passed away on Thanksgiving.

The Bowens had just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary together and had known each other since high school.

In early November, Willard’s mother died of dementia and Covid-19. Their daughter Karen Kirby said they most likely caught the virus while visiting his mother.

They spent a week in the hospital before they passed away and were in adjacent rooms. Their nurse had asked to treat them both in the same room because she saw the love they shared.

“She got special permission to take care of them together so they would not have to be apart,” their daughter Kirby said. “Their job is hell right now, and I know that, but they helped to make my closure just a little bit better.”

Kirby also said that once her father’s condition deteriorated, her mother’s condition immediately got worse.
Kirby told CNN, “I honestly think she knew she couldn’t live life without him. They were just so in touch and in tune with each other.”
“I had no inkling two weeks ago that I would be burying my parents. I just want people to take the time to reach out and love one another,” she added. “That’s what Mama and Daddy would’ve done.”

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