Georgia Man Who Complained About Receiving Cold McDonald's Fries Ends Up Arrested For 2018 Murder [Video]

Georgia Man Who Complained About Receiving Cold McDonald’s Fries Ends Up Arrested For 2018 Murder [Video]

A Georgia man who was wanted for murder got his cover blown after he complained about cold fries to police following a dispute.

Last week, police arrived at a McDonald’s located at 2049 Cobb Parkway after receiving a call about a man arguing with the manager about getting cold fries with no receipt. The complaining customer identified himself as Sims; he and the manager both explained that they started yelling at one another, leading to them calling the cops.

The gag is, Sims seems to have forgotten that he’s wanted for his alleged involvement in a murder that took place four years prior. While going on about his cold fries, which was caught on officers’ body surveillance cameras, at some point, one of the cops asks him to fill out paperwork for a criminal trespass notice.

During the incident, police ran Sim’s I.D., learning about the man’s criminal history. When Sims asked officers if he was under arrest, Sims admitted he’d served three years, WSB-TV Atlanta 2 reports. He then asks cops again if he’s under arrest, to which cops reply, “Yes, you are.”

“I called the police!” Sims yells.”

“Well, you shouldn’t do that if you have a warrant,” the officer says. Sims then immediately takes off running and cops pursue him. After a 20-minute chase, police caught up with Sims and arrested him in an apartment complex parking lot.

According to Johns Creek police, Sims is accused of driving a dead woman to a Lawrenceville neighborhood and lighting the car on fire while the body was still inside back in 2018. Sims is currently being held in Cobb County jail, where he’ll soon be extradited to Fulton County. He was later identified as Antoine Sims.

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