Georgia Woman Faces Charges Of Child Cruelty After Threatening To Shoot Two Black Teen Boys

A 52-year-old Georgia woman faces assault charges after she threatened to shoot two Black boys riding bikes in her neighborhood.

When a neighbor called Patricia Compton of Peach County to tell her that two kids were on her property, her immediate reaction was to grab her gun and head down there.

When she arrived at Rowland Circle, she noticed two teen boys, Kaleb Barnes, 12, and Ethan Hollis, 13, riding their bikes through the neighborhood.

According to the two teens, after she encountered the boys, Compton pointed her gun at them and ordered them to stop.

“Stop, or I’ll shoot you,” she reportedly said.

Days later, Compton now faces several counts of aggravated assault, child cruelty, and terrorist threats, WMAZ TV reports.

To add insult to injury, the area in which Compton responded too did not belong to her, nor was her home located there. Instead, reports say that she had a few animals at the property, which was reportedly used for a construction shop.

During the confrontation, one of the teens, Ethan, left the area and brought back Kaleb’s grandmother Venita Kennedy, who then began recording the entire ordeal on Facebook Live.

The Peach County resident claims that she was unaware that the boys were kids when authorities arrived at the scene. According to the police reports, she informed the officers that because there weren’t many Black kids in the vicinity, “she thought it was strangers that were up to no good.”

With that, she also affirmed that she had to right to self-defense because she was unsure if the two boys were armed or not.

However, Kennedy nor the officer was convinced of Compton’s story.

“When the officer was explaining the law to her, she then told the officer that if the kids had approached her, she would have shot them. This is what we’re dealing with,” Kennedy told WMAZ.

In return, the arresting officer noted that Compton was presented with enough time “to react to their age and recognize them” and also concluded that the teen boys presented no danger to her.

Peach County Sheriff Office



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