Get The Red Carpet Look For Less… Be Red Carpet Ready for A Fraction of the Cost

When hitting the red carpet with your girls or your baller you have to be red carpet ready at all times. If you are not with a man that can afford to buy you the $2000 dresses then you have to look like a million bucks on budget. Nene looks cute and chic on the carpet but her dress is $1250 plus tax. She is wearing a Herve Leger Geometric Jacquard Bandage Dress. The great thing about bandage dresses is that they work like a spanx so they suck everything in so they are always a great look. The originator of that dress is Herve but there are some out there for less.

I personally don’t have issues with inspired clothing/shoes. I found the same dress on a website called Celebrity Boutique for a fraction of the cost.

Looks almost the same right? The  differences I see is that the Herve dress has a v-neck and the inspired one has a round neck. Also, the sleeves are longer than the Herve. I also noticed that the strip on the breast meets the neckline on the inspired one and the Herve doesn’t.

Do you see an issue with wearing an inspired fashion? I know your wallet doesn’t see an issue.

Other celebs that have worn this dress:

Looks like one is wearing the “inspired” lol


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