Gilbert Arenas Addresses Reports That He’s Being Investigated For Credit Card Fraud

If there’s one thing we know about Gilbert Arenas, it’s that he is the King of Petty with absolutely no filter. He owns up to that title. So when Gilbert posted on Instagram that he likes to scam strip clubs, I’m sure he thought nothing of it. 

“I’m the reason BIG strip clubs fingerprint now,” said Arenas. “I’ll order $80,000 worth of ones,throw about $40,000 of it too the strippers,sneak the rest out the club…have one of my teammates sign that bill….wake up the next day, call American Express (my card was stolen at the strip club last night, and these charges ain’t mines) with a (no questions asked policy) once they see its not ur signature,they refund you ALL your money back lmaoooo soooo I got the $80,000 I spent back..PLUS the $40,000 I took out the club.”

Some found it comical, others found it stupid. Gilbert’s justification? Why should he have to pay real money to see strippers dance with fake body parts. Either way, rumor has it that his credit card company isn’t too happy about his stunts. I’m not sure of whether the story of him being under investigation is true, but Gilbert replied to it.

Gilbert Arenas reposted an article about AMEX investigating his account under the suspicion of credit card fraud. In the caption of the article Gilbert says, “STOP wasting everyones time pls….your policy is ‘if someone claims it wasn’t them, you wouldn’t have paid… what are u investigating again??? Amex would have stiffed the club after they #investigated this… sooooooo shouldnt I be investigated by the strip clubs NOT #AMEX since the clubs would be the losers in my story? and I’m the dummy lmaoooooo #wasteTHEYtime2016 should I call my lawyer #larryHparker?? #larryHparkerGOTMEfreelapdances hahahahaha.#AMEX complaining about some funky ass 1’s from #2004-05-06” 

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