GIRL TALK: As told to the baller named Blogxilla….

I read this on his blog and I had to post if for y’all….ballers better step ya game up! Ladies will talk!

Females talk, that a fact, and a good review will land you more coochie. Either from, “Girl I’ve heard he can lay it down,” or “Da*n she don’t deserve all the goodie I want to try him for myself“. Girl talk can also lead to you never getting an ounce of loving in your town if she says “I would have preferred a 2 minute man to his 25 seconds” or “You know he used to mess with Kesha with no edges right?”

I asked a few of my friends from twitter what do they tell their friends after sex and here is what they had to say;

Lord I’m tired from gettin my back blown out! @MzPurp

Guuuurrrrl he did the damn thing. Yeah I’m just laying here still tingling…him? Oh…he knocked the f*ck out…mmmhmmm I know @DJ Diva

giiiirrrlllll, I shoulda had a v8 @chitowngyrl

girl, I’m glad we’re not married. I couldn’t live with sex that awful for the rest of my life! @sugarlips

“Giiiirrrrlll, this ninj just put the IG’NIT DI on me! Whew!! Call da AM-BUH-LAM!” @Savvyfatty

And from a guys point of view

I knocked her ovaries thru her throat last night. @MrMarcusX”

I’m gonna add my own one too…my girls know that I’ve had a good nite when I lose the ability to speak; yes my friends…I’ve had it that good!


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