Girls Who Poke Holes iN Condoms

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Women are sneaky, and I firmly believe that females would trap a good man the first chance they get. They might not go through evil means to trap him, but some of them do, they’ll be miss sexual intellectual one minute and once he commits her feelings will change. She will start to feel like a girlfriend should no longer have sex on the side of a brown stone in the dead of winter after giving it up in the movie theater. Other women take it even further and poke holes in condoms.

Now while, I wrote the following from a man’s perspective each and ever characteristic can be applied to a man as well, because we all know a dude will trap a chick. With that said here are a few signs she’ll put holes in condoms:
The Robin Givens Factor: If she always talk about a man’s job, or the type of money the guy has, then chances are she will poke holes in condoms. It’s not that she is a gold digger it’s just that she wants to make sure that her and her child is taken care of, and a good job allows that to be done. Best believe that if her belly swells up, the man will be on child support payments faster than Speedy Gonzales with erectile dysfunction.

The Xilla Test: When it comes to sex, I like to test my women with a little character check. When things are getting hot and heavy, the guy might have a boob in his mouth, or even a cl*t if he’s an eater and he raises up and puts his unprotected “manxilla” near her lady part and proceeds to go in. I do this just to check to see if she’s going to tell me to stop or not. If she doesn’t say stop, more than likely she’s down to go raw. This is a clear sign that 1. She let other dudes hit raw, 2. that she’s down to have your child, therefore trapping a guy for 18 years.

You Got Indian In Your Family: Some women are very shallow and they want their children to have “good” hair, pretty eyes or just be lightskinned. So a good sign that a woman is after a man for his genes is to check to see if they are always complimenting him on his features. Sure she could just think the dude is handsome, but at the same time she could be trying to get certain features for her children. ALWAYS buy your own condoms.

The Bill Cosby Gene: Women who will poke hole in condoms have what I like to call The Huxtable Radar. That’s when she can spot a good father a mile away. She can see if he has kids already, and if he takes care of his children. She peeps his kids clothes and the lifestyle of his baby mother and she wants that for herself, but instead of building a quality relationship she uses underhanded means.

Old Head: Is she over 30 with no kids? Maybe she doesn’t want children, but at the same time, but if that’s the case she’s going to be extra careful with the usage of contraceptives.

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