So, you must’ve read this weekend that allegedly Dwayne Wade and ‘em went to some Chinese massage parlor to get more than massages. Well, it was made into a big deal. Everyone knows what is up with those parlors has they have some right here in NYC. But the REAL PROBLEM is that the groupies cannot afford Beijing! They have to settle for the Asian chicks. This only means that the groupies gotta to start working and up that paper. You need money to get here! This is where you snag real ballers—overseas! They are bored, they want attention and it is so easy to get next to next them.

This is from Mediatakeout.com. Whether it’s true or not, point remains the same, get your ass over to Beijing!

MediaTakeOut.com just got its hands on the following report – from a Chinese tabloid. Thanks to the folks over at BlackSportsOnline for the tip!
Here is the rough translation of the report. We’re not 100% sure what they’re saying – but we saw the words “prostitution” and “massage services” in it and our ears perked up. See if you can figure out what it means:

Wednesday 0:30, James, Wade and Anthony at a staff member, accompanied by walking out, “Shen Gong” to Macao a “fight to” the “gold fish tank”-style sauna and entertainment centre.

They arranged by hotel limousine to the pier near places of entertainment, it is worth mentioning that the three Taiwan Qingchejiancong, and no special security measures. It is learnt that the “playing the” sauna and massage services entertainment center about 90 minutes AUD 1500, the three stars in “fighting the” selection of all Vietnamese women technicians, said Macao and Vietnam technicians in the best massage techniques and the most Popular..
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