Going Against The Grain: Would You Date Someone Who’s Not Your Type Because You Think They’ll Treat You Better?

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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We all know this right? But when it comes to dating, we’ll go after the same type but expect them to be “different” like they all proclaim to be in the beginning. Some folks believe attractive people are the ones who do wrong the most. Others believe certain professions are the worst, like club promoters, musicians, little league coaches, daycare workers, etc. Everyone has had bad experiences in love and dating. But when you have absolutely had enough of the same bad outcomes, do you start thinking outside of the box and going for what you DONT know? People who you wouldn’t normally take a second glance at might actually be the love of your life…and you wouldn’t even know it. 



Everyone stereotypes when it comes to dating. EVERYONE. Based on physical and financial attributes mostly. If someone is fine as hell and “seem” to have a good head on their shoulders, they would get a chance with no hesitation. Then you realize they may be fine but they have an excessive amount of baggage like baby mama/daddy drama, family issues, theyre a liar, cheater, whatever setbacks you would deem unappealing. Are they worth all of the headache because they’re fine? Nah son. It seems like we’ll be chasing the one who doesnt truly want us and ignoring the one who would do anything for us. Why do we do that!? There is a less attractive person out there that will treat you like gold but because they aren’t out type, we’ll pass. THIS is why it’s important to realize how much more important mental and spiritual connections are than physical.



There is someone out there for everybody on Earth. It just takes patience and an open mind to find them. Whoever was meant for you will be mentally and emotionally available, be on the same trajectory in life as you AND will be just your type physically. Just gotta be patient and sometimes go against the grain.

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