How You Gonna Upgrade From Me, What’s Higher Than Number One?

When you pride yourself on being a good person, consistently giving your all to the relationships you cherish, it’s almost impossible to feel like you’ve lost when things go left. Whether you’ve called it quits because of your mate’s infidelities or you’ve just grown apart, it’s hard to believe you could be the one losing out on a good thing, when you’re that good thing. How you gonna upgrade from me? What’s higher than  number one? Nothing or should I say, no one.


When your ex finds a new mate, it’s almost always going be a downgrade. Not just in looks, but because you are always the catch. Whether they feel that way or not, you know what they’ve lost and it’s always their loss.


Whether you want to admit it or not, we have all looked at the next or heard about them and automatically knew they were a downgrade compared to you. It’s not about being cocky, it’s the confidence you have about what you had to offer.


On the petty side, make sure you always step out looking like a damn snack. You never know when you may run into your former boo and their significant other, so stay ready. Show them what they are missing, even if you don’t want them back. It’s something about showing off your assets to make them drool and leaving them with something to think about.


Do you think your ex boo’s significant other is downgrade from you?

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