Group of Floridians Throw “Medical Marijuana Party” With Over 50 Pounds of Weed 

Over the weekend, a group of Floridians attempted to throw a huge “Medical Marijuana Party” with at least 50 pounds of weed to go around. Problem is, the herb is not truly legal in the state. Back in November, Florida voters approved the constitutional amendment, Amendment 2, that allows the use and possession of marijuana to treat a “debilitating medical condition.”

On Sunday, Miami police responded to a call about illegally parked cars outside of a building on W. Flagler St. When the officers arrived, they asked to speak to the man in charge, prompting 32-year-old Leandro Arriaga to approach them to explain the reason behind the event.

According to Miami New Times, Arriaga told the police that the event was “opened to the public in regards to the Amendment 2 push for marijuana.” Shortly after their initial interaction with Arriaga, the officials began to smell weed.

“At this point in time, several patrons inside observed the police and proceed to flee out the rear door,” the report states, prompting officials to call the narcotics unit for backup.

Officials arrested Arriaga and learned that his lease had expired the day before the pot party. They then called the landlord for a search warrant, where they found “several tables with glass smoking apparatuses containing suspected THC residue,” as well as “suspected edible cookies and candies,” and “suspected synthetic forms of unknown substances.”

In the end, authorities were able to seize 51.1 pounds of marijuana from the home.

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