GROUPIE 101, SELF-HELP BLOG #1: 5 Red Flag Remarks Made By Women

Do you ever wonder why Diddy ain’t wifed Kim yet? These may be the answer…

“Written by The Fly Guy

I get asked all the time, “Fly Guy, how do you know if she’s the one?” And while I do my best to address this newfound enthusiasm from some of my male readers, the real question that I wish they would ask is, “How do I know if she’s not the one?”

Now that is a much more compelling question. And although I can’t provide a complete response, what I can do is offer a clearer picture of who she may be with the following “5 Red Flag Remarks Made by Women.”

1. “Oh you did? Well I ………?”
A very telling red flag remark comes in the form of what I like to call “one-ups-manship.” This is where your woman feels the need to follow up every joke, career achievement, or personal tragedy with her own story. It’s a clear-cut sign that she’s insecure, and may not be a keeper after all. Besides, who wants to have the girlfriend that gets on everybody’s nerves because she won’t shut up? All of your friends think she’s a show off, and they probably liked it better when your only form of female companionship consisted of some soft music and the Cinemax channel after dark.

2. “We don’t like that.”
At first you thought it was kind of cute, but your woman has made a nasty habit out of speaking for the both of you. The funny thing is that it came out of nowhere. At one point, things seemed to be fine between the two of you. But before you knew it, you could no longer order a Big Mac from McDonald’s since “we don’t like the sauce.” That’s bullsh**. You love that sauce. And the fact that she’s trying to merge your thoughts and desires with hers makes this a deeper hue than red. This flag is maroon.

3. “Who was she?”
There’s nothing wrong with injecting a healthy dose of jealousy within your relationship. In fact, I encourage it. But I strongly caution against ignoring the early warning signs of an overly jealous woman. From listening to your phone conversations to openly questioning how the clerk from the cleaners knew you preferred light over heavy starch, everything about her is screaming red flag. Don’t simply dismiss it as her just being curious … in fact; she may be the fatal attraction you always dreaded falling for.

4. “I’m all you need.”
You can usually find this red flag in the back pocket of a woman who has no female friends. The flag may initially go unnoticed until she asks you to drop your friends too. Once this happens, pat her down. I’m sure you’ll discover the hidden red flag. Once you pull it out, leave while you can before she starts asking questions like, “You told your mom about your promotion before me? I just assumed you would tell me everything first.”

5. “I’ve been trying to reach you all day”
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with staying in touch with your significant other throughout the day. But your lady … well, let’s just say she takes things to a disturbingly psychotic level when you suddenly become unavailable. Remember the time you put your phone on silent just so you could watch the Terrence Trent Darby “Behind the Music” special in peace? And do you also remember the 13 missed calls, 8 voicemail messages, and 7 texts that were waiting for you once you reconnected with the outside world? Well those missed calls and messages weren’t just a sign of her concern. Instead they were a cleverly disguised package just begging to be opened. What was inside? Why a red flag of course.

The Fly Conclusion: Now that I’ve shared my “5 Red Flag Remarks Made by Women,” it’s time for me to hear from you. Have you ever been guilty of any of those offenses? If so, what prompted your actions? Or did you even realize what was happening?

On the flip side, if you’ve ever dated a woman guilty of a red flag remark, how did you handle the situation? Did you quickly cut your loses, or did you stick around until things spiraled out of control? I want to hear from you.” The Fly Guy

Ladies; whether you are a baller or a Groupie, I’m sure you’ll find some of these useful…

and some of y’all need all the help you can get!


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