Groupie Tale – “It Was Special Because It Was The 1st Time Jeezy Gave Me Head”

There are a  few Ballers that we constantly get Groupie Tales about. The Snowman is one of them. I guess that Thug Motivation is turning the ladies on because ladies love cool Jeezy! Check out another tale from one of our readers below.

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I have been in this “game” for a minute and im not one to kiss and tell but I love Jay (Jeezy). We have had many intimate encounters but I guess I can tell you about one time that was great. I live in Fort Lauderdale and Jay has friends here so I met him when I was in the area.


I was with my brothers friend looking for some kush when Jays bus pulled in the yard. YES, they managed to put that big ass tour bus on the side of his peoples house lol. Ghetto. But anywho, I have always been fond of Jay, so of course I walked outside to see if it was him…and it was! I could see him looking like he wanted to speak, but he was unsure if I was someones old lady or not so I spoke to him ( a simple “hola”) and he asked if i was with someone…i said no and he gave me his number. i found it odd because I figured he would want my number and maybe call me private at first but he wasnt on b.s. and i could tell….so i called him that night. He was staying at the Sagamore on the beach and his crew was at The National…he said he wanted to see me so he sent for me even though I have my own vehicle…in his words “its only right”. so i get there and he tells me to meet him at the pool. we have lobster and moet. im half way drunk after about an hr and I could tell he was either really high or really tired so i told him i would give him a massage. we get on the elevator to go the presidential suite. he had me roll up with a pack of backwoods. as im smoking he starts to tug playfully at my panties. what? lmao. i was really shy and i think he knew that because he kept asking if i was “good”. im already super soaking the bed with my juice because I have had a fetish for Jeezy before he became Jay .All I know is that he began sucking my nipples and they are pierced so that was a surprise for him…a pleasant one…lol at the same time he grabbed my vagina, which is also pierced, and he lost his mind. Kept saying how “little” and “pretty” it is. when he said he had to taste it, i was ready.didnt feel real. i knew he would want some of it but i wasnt expecting oral. It was special because it was the first time he ever gave me head lol. i have no complaints. He treats me good and to this day- we do our thing whenever he is in Lauderdale or Miami. 


He is a real nigga and hes never tried me. Would he be mad at me for saying this, probably not. He may act like it just because, but he knows me and I know how freaked out he is. If anything he will laugh, because the first time I squirted and it was the funniest thing to him :/. He loves his B. I am not a groupie, I am his friend. I did  not sleep with him because  of his image, i sleep with him because he is a good  guy. dont get it twisted folk   🙂


I believe this story. Also helps it is straight to the point. Jeezy likes to smoke, Jeezy likes to drink & Jeezy likes to eat…Nice!


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