Groupie Tales – So I Met The Game At The LV Store..

Looks like someone had a mouthful to say about rapper The Game. I apologize for the lack of paragraphs. It’s not my job to proof read. Wonder if this was written by Gloria Govan…



Disclaimer: Baller Alert Groupie Tales are submitted by our readers. We can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted. (In this case the Groupie Tale was spotted at Backstage Pazz)



I met game Sunday afternoon in Hollywood boulevard coming out the louis vuitton store. Him and about 4 other niggas came out with shit load of bags. So me & my sister was placing our bags in the car when some bald head nigga jogged across the street where we was at trying to holler. (He was extremely handsome but I didn’t find that big ass tattoo of the “weed” flower on his head cute at all. Come to find out he really is a weed head lols) So anyways we in the parking lot I gave weed head the cold shoulder so he proceeded with talking to my sister outside the car they was posted chopping it up while I was inside the car catching an attitude because I had extreme headache and I was ready to bounce. The Game pulled up next too me in this nice ass candy apple red Rover and im in my 2007 mustang GT so he rolled his window down and said “What’s the long face for beautiful” Then bald head ass gonna say some shit like “I think she mad that a nigga didn’t give her any play” I flicked his bald headed ass off and continued to look forward. So Game gets out his car and crotch down to my window and I continued to not look his direction. He had on some bomb ass cologne which kinda turned me on. He was like “Im mad you acting funky girl. What cat bit you in the ass.” I couldn’t help but laugh and look his direction. I must say Game is fine as hell. He’s extremely handsome in person & he has some pretty eyes. So im like “Aint shit bite me in the ass.” So he starts laughing and replied “You a fiesty chick huh?” Anyways we ended up talking then finally exchanged numbers btw this nigga tall as fuck! He has a nice physique built. (to make a long story short) He texted me later on that night and told me to meet him at the four seasons. So we up in his suite just talking & vibing for the longest I asked him what special person was getting that Louie & he was like shit it could’ve been you if you would’ve came in there a bit earlier. He starts getting to comfortable so he sparks a blunt then head to the bathroom he then comes out with his shirt off and he layed out on the bed watching some football game. Im on the love seat which faces the bed drinking my patron & feeling good watching the game with him. He laying on his stomach propped up on the pillow looking at me and im looking at him with a little smirk. So he was like “Why you looking at nigga like you trynna fuck.” I rolled my eyes then continued to sip my drank. He then starts saying some shit like his shoulders is tensing up so I got up and went over to him and got on his back and started to massage his broad shoulders. So we talking getting to no one another & he keeps saying some sly shit that keeps making me laugh. He has a really fun personality & he talks a lot of shit. Anyways he turns over on his back so that he is facing me and im now sitting up on his pelvic area. He then gonna flick my boob and gonna say ” Damn girl you got some pears as some tiddies huh?” I started to laugh then like playfully punched his chest. “Fuck you!” then he was like “Naw you good. I like em just right. Yours just right.” We remained in this position for a while too . So now im checking out his tattoos & he telling me about each one .(he’s tatted!) So after all this talking he finally say some “Man a nigga 30 years of age today.” And im like “Aw why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday?” Then he responded like ” Shit you saying that like you was gonna give me something” And at that I bent down and started kissing him , he moved his huge hands down and started to palm my ass I felt his dick getting rock as I moved up and down on his john. I then sat up and removed my blouse then he lifted himself up and started kissing my cleavage area and the middle my neck I wrapped my arms around his neck and was moaning like he was fucking me. I finally had the strength to pull away so I could take my jeans off. He then asked me to take his dick out for him so I did just that. And you talking about a big mandingo dick. I was hoping and praying I could take some of it because this nigga was hanging like a horse. Not only was it long but thick as well. I guess he read the expression on my face when I seen his dick because he was like he’ll take it easy on me. So we kissin and he lay me on my back and I wrap my legs around his back. (Yes we used protection) and he slowly guided his dick inside of me without even lookin. I almost criedd but I eventually rocked with his motion and the pleasure started to fulfill. He was fucking me so good and steady and he was kissing me all over my face and my neck and my breast. We fucked in this position for a while then I asked could I ride him. (My fav position) and he had no hesitation so I get on top of him and the whole time im cryingg out just moaning his name grinding my hips and he smacking my ass hard as fuck. He tellin me to speed up and shit. I was literally crying out that I loved him and shit. (Not true he was just doin the shit well) I was biting his chest I just couldn’t help my self. I had to slow down my pace because I couldn’t take the dick anymore he was getting me sprunged out on his dick and I didn’t even know him that long! Im sucking on his bottom lip while he slowly moving my hips back and forth then he sits up and I just started hugging him as I slowly rode him. This mothafucka had me crying and some more shit I’ve never had a man put it down on me like he did. on our like 4th round we hit it off doggystyle where he was rough fucking me & I loveddd each and every inch of it . He really had me gone when he rotated his hips when he slowed down stroking the fuckk outta me. I left the next day with about 4 hickies on my neck and some on my breast. I rate him a 100. He’s really a experienced gentle thug lover. And he also has a smile that would most defiantly have you coming out your panty drawls

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