Happy Ballerific Thanksgiving!!!!

happy thanksgiving

Another holiday is here which has many in the contemplative mindset. What are you truly thankful for? Today dig deep & realize, this holiday is of course about the fellowship amongst family & friends, good food among other things, but realizing the true meaning of life. So many of us take things for granted.

Enjoy the moments of today. I truly will. Eat good, drink good, but most importantly, take a moment to laugh heartily. A day full of laughter is worth celebrating. I’m truly thankful for my Baller Alert family, you guys make what we do here worthwhile. I’m thankful for adversity, for it has truly enhanced my character. For every closed door, they have given me determination to strive for the newly opened doors of opportunity. Of course, where would I be without my family & true friends?

Again, ask yourself, what are you truly thankful for? On behalf of us here at BA, enjoy & have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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