Hollywood Hills Homeowner 'Freaked Out' After Multiple Intruders Break Into House [Video]

Hollywood Hills Homeowner ‘Freaked Out’ After Multiple Intruders Break Into House [Video]

Intruders busted into a man’s Hollywood Hills home while he was watching television: “I’m just freaked out.”

At around 11:15 p.m. Sunday night, a male resident says he heard what he thought was a wild animal or raccoon darting across the roof of his home, KTLA reports. The man then decided to check his security camera, and that’s when he spotted a man with a hood on in his garage.

He immediately called the police, and the 911 operator asked if he was safe. The operator told him to hide out in his bathroom. “I guess I’m safe…. This is a small house. These guys can come right in,” the victim said to the operator. Some time passed and the homeowner decided to take a look and see if the police arrived. But he chose to leave his home entirely after he grew fearful that the intruders may have seen him.

By the end of the situation, the homeowner watched the surveillance tape, and it showed the thieves “racing out” of the house, KTLA reports. The burglars were described as young men. Their identities were covered by face masks and face coverings. The intruders were able to make their way into the homeowner’s guest bedroom and where they took some items.

By the time police arrived, the burglars were gone. The entire incident has led the homeowner frazzled. “I was scared …Bad enough you see one person. When I saw five,” he said. “I can’t sleep. My house is lit up like a Christmas tree now because I’m just freaked out.”

Police have yet to be able to identify the five suspects, but while they were rummaging through the home, they took pictures of themselves while doing so.

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