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You have to be something like a big deal, when the entire city goes bananas for you! That is the exact conclusion I came to Saturday, March 14 when I found myself amongst industry legends Willie D and Bun B. as well as eye candy, Don Benjamin. Culminating J Prince Jr.’s Celebrity Birthday celebration, the homie Meek Mills and the Dream Chasers family set the city of chop and screw on fire.  Warehouse Live was going up for the #WelcomeHomeConcert. It is safe to say this was not a concert, but the pre-game to the events that were to occur. Powered by @jprincejr and @aristocratlife, fans old and new were able to experience what it feels like to roll with the men that run the city.

As always, @DJMrRogers kept the crowd rocking. Mixing in old classics with the new sound, the venue was all his.  Hustle Gang’s artist, Trae Tha Truth, knighted the crowd performing the H-town classic, “Swang” among other favorites before Meek Mill took the stage. With no warning or intro, Meek Mill took the stage. “The Get Back” was his introduction. The crowd’s excitement surged as the Turn Up became real.  Riding the wave,  Meek Mill hit fans with “House Party” before hitting the anthem of dreamers “ Dreams and Nightmares”. Nothing compared to the performance of “Ima Boss”!  The walls of the Warehouse Live could not contain the energy. Meek Mill may be from Philly, but concert goers will swear he is one of us.

Breaking his set, Meek Mill brought out Rap Legend, Bun B to bless the crowd with “Get Throwed”.  And throwed, did the crowd get. Bringing on the Sauce Twinz,  the concert was “2 Legited 2 Quited”.  Meek Mill even hit the Schmoney Dance holding Bobby Schmurda down, before paying tribute to Lil Snupe with the track “Lil Snupe”, Meek Mill couldn’t leave without an encore performance of “Dreams and Nightmares”. And as the last cadence of the beat christened the Warehouse Live, Meek Mill submerged into the darkness of the stage once again.



Meek Mill’s energy was on level 10. He is definitely home. If birthday celebrations are like this, consider me for the guest list every year!  Shout out to my connect for always being  about his word!



-Niko Rose


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