Hoverboard Company Accuses Seahawks Richard Sherman Of Stiffing Them On A Check

Sidekick Group Corp, one of the many companies that makes the two-wheeled boards, says that Richard Sherman placed an order for 54 custom Seahawks colored scooters and didn’t pay up. 

According to the company, they met with Sherman in 2015. Sherman and the company agreed on 54 custom colored scooters at a discounted price if Sherman posted about them on social media. The boards, which would have normally run for $1,295, were only going to cost Sherman $500 a piece. If you do the math, the grand total would be $27,000. 

Sidekick Group Corp says that they made the boards for Sherman but not only did he not post anything online, he also never sent the $27,000 check. The company says that they’re now stuck with 54 boards and after sending a letter to Sherman demanding payment last month, they haven’t heard anything back. 

Source: TMZ

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