How SHOULD Black Women Treat Black Men?

I never watched this episode when it originally aired but I did stumble upon this Youtube video while browsing Facebook. Me being the stubborn, hard headed, independentthinker that I am, I was ready to toss it out the window. The whole “be submissive” argument is stupid. It’s dumb. It’s played out. What happened to accepting me for me? Why do I have to be submissive to make you feel like a man, but you can’t be a man to make me feel protected? 





I’m on the fence about this whole ideal. On one hand, I agree that we’ve been taught that sex was a duty, that doing for ourselves is safe and to stand up on our own two feet. Why were we taught this? Because we’ve watched our mothers be treated like dirt by our absent fathers even when our mothers did everything they were supposed to do. See, you can follow these steps  to the T and still end up alone. Also, let’s think about the roles for the black men. Don’t you think if more men were handling these roles that women wouldn’t think twice about playing her part? In this day and age it seems that men want to be taken care of, don’t want to have to work as hard, yet still expect us to trust him, honor him and obey him. Frankly, if you’re not taking care of home and you’re out all hours of the night, how can I trust you?



These rules are ideal, but they’re not in any way full proof. In fact, I think the chances are still against you. Think about it, how many good women are being cheated on and mistreated every day. Standing by your man, in their cases, hasn’t brought them nothing but heartache.  The only way this will work out is if you find a man who’s willing to go by the same ideals which will cause a chain reaction for you to be submissive. By submissive I don’t mean letting him get away with shit he shouldn’t be doing. But knowing that home comes first and that he must provide for home in every aspect. He must know that he is responsible for everything that happens at home both directly and indirectly. On the flip side his woman will feel secure. She won’t nag, she’ll trust him and she’ll be happy and less stressed. Lord knows that’s 90% of the black woman’s problem today — stress!

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