How to Land a Baller–Part II

Hey yall,

As stated before, we all know that plan “A” is not working. So on to plan “B”!! In the previous post, I mentioned to get a “dumb” jock. Yes, I was serious. I think that if you’re dumb enough to do stupid things, you deserve to get played. So get to work ladies! Now, while searching for these idiots (and they aren’t that hard to find) make sure you focus on certain ones. This leads me to my next point. In addition to noticing how dumb they are, I’ve also noticed that they tend to date the same kind of chick that tends to do the same kind of work. I know yall can relate to the following statements: “Damn, she looks like the last chick he was dating.” “The other chick was a bartender too.” “He only dates Latinas.” “He always around big booty, big breasted women.” “He stays in the strip club.” “His last girl was a model”. I’m sure ya’ll can add more.

So ladies, I know it may be hard to believe, but I advise that you check for a baller that is into chicks that look like you. A wise woman (my momma) once told me, “Baby, don’t go barking up the wrong tree.” So, ladies don’t be checking for the idiots that aren’t checking for you (or your type). If he likes Latinas and you are dark chocolate, then he might not be checking for you! If he likes small petite chicks and you are as thick as Beyonce, he might not be checking for you! If he likes big booty girls and your ass is as small as mine, he might not be checking for you! I say fuck him!! Check for a ninja that’s checking for you. Personally, I don’t even look at a baller like that if I know I’m not his type. Since I’ve been told I favor Gabrielle Union, that gave me the green light to eye my future husband, Darren Sharper!! LOL.

Let me clear when I say “his type”. “His type” means that his preference has been clearly identified or stated. You’ve either seen the baller with the same type of woman or he’s stated his preference (see Darnell Dockett’s comment for the fuckery….

I’m not saying you can’t pull a baller that is not typically into your type. But eyeing a baller that is interested in chicks that look like you, increase your chances of landing that baller. Again, I’m trying to help you bitches that just can’t get it done.

Now, by no means am I saying change your appearance for any man. But I am saying, don’t get heated when a baller aint checking for you cause you’re not his type. Fuck him! If he’s not digging you, the next man is. Then are plenty of men out there that are attracted to you :0)

Disclaimer: Don’t respond with fuckery to my blog! That’s all. Don’t come on here saying beauty is “blah, blah, blah”. You know what the fuck I’m trying to say. If you got something to say, write your own damn blog.

Next week blog: How to Land a Baller—Part III

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