You all may not love her, but you gotta respect her hustle. It’s a love/hate relationship with Ms. Steffans but she broke the mold. She went from sleeping in cars to the NY Times Bestseller list. What you got?

As a published author, by a major house like Karrine, I can tell you this: Her publisher is treating her well. She can call shots, and make decisions, especially if her agent is looking out for her. She also has her own publishing company, which I believe it is under Grand Central. This means that she can keep more of her own money. That’s a hustler. Zane got that. It’s not a normal thing to get.

So, how can you tell your piece of the story? Get your moment of shine? Write your own book. Several others, including Nas baby mama, tried to go that route but it didn’t quite pop for her. Karrine is still the HBIC of the genre. A few rappers and singers followed suit like Peppa from Salt n Pepa and Faith Evans with their own tell-alls but people forget about it after a few weeks.

Karrine is on her third book, The Vixen Manual: How To Find, Seduce, and Keep the Man You Want. She’s branching out into more mainstream topics now, and a whiter audience. She captured the attention of her base audience, first. And you know who that is! I am not Karrine’s ideal customer based on demographics, but I will buy this book because I’m just curious about what she says. That only means that the publishing industry still believes that the video-vixen-groupie-story can still sell—to anybody. That is, if you have a good one.

Here’s a few tips:

1) Start a blog. This will be your first tool in getting an audience. Leak stories to major blogs. Back when Karrine started, she didn’t have this because it wasn’t popular, but now she is one of the most tech savvy authors out there with a paid membership site, twitter, blog, and all that other good stuff. Invest in your blog. Give tips to other ladies, looking to break in. Make the blog look good, professional.

2) Name names. I know it’s hard. But without names, nobody cares. You have to fully believe that naming names is going to get you attention. Don’t name somebody, with 25 people reading your blog a day. Build up anticipation. Let folks figure it out. Then POW. Karrine leaked a lot of names and stories BEFORE she got her book deal.
Sidenote: Author Zane does not use her real name. For years she went un-photographed because she was concerned about privacy. You can use this tactic if you are concerned about people finding out who out there is telling their business, but be careful, eventually you have to reveal yourself. What better way than a major spread in PEOPLE magazine?

3) Go to publishing events, like the Book Expo of America coming this month in NYC. Meet agents. It’s mostly a industry event, but so what. An alpha female never follows rules! Dress provocative. Look the part. Be charming. Have your synopsis and summary ready. These days, publishers are not only buying the story, they are buying a personality, too!

4) Stage a media spectacle. Get a couple of other groupies, video girls, etc and form a “union” or
“collaborative” leading up to a major event where you talk about serious issues or do something outrageous. Get someone well known to co-sign. You shine. You are the spokesperson. The more camera time and articles you get the better. More press will call you.

5) Submit a juicy, major name-names tell all article to one of the magazines out there—Glamour, Essence, Elle, etc. That level! That one article will be read by millions and gives you credibility. Many folks have gotten book deals based on a well written article. You can, too.

Eventually, you get old and have to leave the games for the children. Getting beat in the mattress can’t pay the bills anymore. Get your own life, and build your own empire. In this world, we all have everything we need to get started. If you’re not ready, start that savings account.

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