I am a Recessionista are you?????

Ladies while the powers that be don’t want to come out and say it we are in a recession and I have been hit hard. While I haven’t changed and neither has my taste the cost of basics and neccessities are steadily rising and unfortunately my income is not rising at the same rate. Not to mention the possibility of layoffs are very real for me(especially working in the finance industry)! I have been forced forced to change my spending habits and focus more on saving and cutting costs. There are certain things that I just can no longer afford to do as much as i used to So I am going to share with you all some of my money saving tips that allow me to save and still enjoy some of the little luxuries I just can’t do with out.

1) Hair- This time last year I had a fabolous Weave in my hair that was costing between $500-$800 depending on the hair. I have taken out the weave and wearing my own hair. My hair is medium length a little above my shoulders and instead of going to my usual hairdresser who charges $50-60 for a wash and style I go to the Dominicans weekly for a wash and set and see Mr. Fabulous for chemicals only. (savings of $120/month)

2) Mani/ Pedi- I used to get my nails done 2-3 times a month and I have an obsession with the spa pedicures which they charge too much for. So I have started to go once a month and maintain my mani/pedis at home in between. I have natural nails and find that most nail polishes do not last especially when I spend most of my day typing on BA! Well I had a mani/pedi done at Red Door spa and discovered the longest lasting nail polish i have ever tried in my life. My toenail polish lasted 3 weeks and my nail polish lasted 2 weeks with out chipping cracking or peeling!!!! Check out www.zoya.com (savings $80/month)

Ladies i will be posting weekly money saving tips for beauty, fashion, and home. Look for more from your resident Recessionista!

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