Idris Elba’s Movie Crew Upset About The Lack Of COVID-19 Tests

Last week Idris Elba announced to the world that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and planned to self isolate.

Due to Elba’s diagnosis,  several members of his movie crew had to quarantine themselves like he did, but many are pissed about how producers handled the crisis-overall.

According to TMZ, Elba went into isolation on March 13 when he discovered he’d been in contact with someone who had the virus, sources claim that person was possibly Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s — during a March 4 event in London.

After that, Elba headed to set in Santa Fe, to start filming a movie for Netflix and began intense rehearsals with members of the cast and crew.

The problem is if Elba contracted the virus in London as they believe, he unwittingly exposed other people to the virus before his diagnosis.

Sources close to production tell TMZ … filming was halted last Friday, and the crew was told it was due to growing fears over the pandemic but no no mention of Idris getting tested.

Many members of the crew are concerned because they rehearsed stunts with Elba- some even having direct physical contact with the star inside a small cabin.

TMZ sources claim no one  informed them that Idris tested positive until the actor revealed it online on March 16.

On this same day, some of the crew traveled home , again– possibly exposing even more people while others chose to stay and self quarantine.  Those people are still there in New Mexico-awaiting word on any upcoming testing.

The source claims the crew isn’t upset with Idris but are peeved with producers who are severely lacking in terms of communication about the potential risks following the news about Idris’ positive test result.

Even with the understanding that the shortage for COVID-19 testing is happening nationally, Netflix and the producers should be conveying that in some way.

Idris is still self-quarantining at a house on location, and the crew remains at a hotel in Santa Fe.

Idris Elba Corona
(Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Moet & Chandon)

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