Is There A Such Thing As Privacy In A Relationship?

privacy in a relationship

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Privacy is something that should be understood in any relationship, but should that privilege be revoked if you have violated your significant other’s trust? Some may disagree as long as secrecy and privacy aren’t confused. How would you feel if your spouse (or significant other) were to find out that you were still in contact with an ex? Would you be embarrassed or would you flip the script like he/she is blowing things out of proportion by investigating like FBI agent?
Believe it or not, it’s not the snooping or investigating that catches most of us up, but rather the behavior that one exhibits in the midst of doing so. It’s easy to notice the difference in a person once they start stepping out. They become angry over simple things and starting arguments to get a little freedom from the relationship seems all too familiar. Red flags begin to become more noticeable as their interest in you diminishes. You can feel when something’s not right, and the only way to get quick answers is by doing a little research of your own.
I believe the saying to be true “You seek, and you shall find.” Don’t go looking unless you are ready for half-truths and excuses. Should you be given all access to your significant other life, phone passwords, schedules, and social media accounts or call it quits if they do not oblige? What exactly are they hiding if you’re in a monogamous relationship? Snooping is reasonable until it becomes a full-on investigation, which can be crazy, but we are all entitled to a little privacy followed by honest. Sometimes walking away may be your only option.
For example, some partners prefer not to be on social media because of the exposure that comes along with it. Accessibility is what Social Media provides, and while it may be too much for some of us to handle, the truth is that “It Goes Down in the DM”. No matter how faithful he/she is, there’s always someone who’s been watching your life, trying to get in the back window. Unfortunately, your spouse is supposed to respect the terms of your relationship, not anyone else.
While some may believe that one prefers to play the role of a side chick/side dude, the truth is that one may not know you exist. People are good at keeping some aspects of their life completely hidden from the public eye, and you can’t get mad at someone for believing that they are pursuing a single man. That goes to say that just because a person treats their significant other well, doesn’t mean you will receive the same treatment. Sometimes is best to leave that baggage for someone else to claim. All that glitter isn’t gold. Don’t go investigating if you can’t handle what you find.

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