It’s Cheaper To Keep Her: Why Men Stick It Out In A Relationship

He cheats, she cheats, the relationship is in shambles but oddly enough, they’re still together. This could be said for the “alleged” divorce of Deion and Pilar Sanders. I can only say “alleged” because days after the rumor that Deion served Pilar with her walking papers hit the net, he dispelled them on his Twitter page. Yes, DAYS later. Not that he hasn’t been on his Twitter page this whole time, I’m not sure of what he was doing or where he was, but it took him a few days to finally say it wasn’t true. Now, assuming that there is some truth to the story, is it possible that Mr. Sanders saw the light and realized sticking it out may be the better option. Let’s run down a few reasons making the marriage work may be ideal for your baller.


There are kids involved – This is a common reason that men and women try to hold the family together. When children are involved things can become rather complicated. Some men will think it’s simply easier to just be there as a father for the children and deal with whatever issues he has with his lady separately.


She’s gonna leave with half – Kanye said it best “If you leave her ass, she gon’ leave with half”. At this point someone should’ve hollered “We want pre-nup!” because now if you decide to ditch her, you’re going to find yourself in a bad situation. All the money he has worked hard for goes down the drain at this point.


The love is still there – Sometimes leaving isn’t quite addressing the issue at hand and the true problem can be solved by other means. Sometimes you just have to stay and make it work. As much as your brain tells you to leave, your heart is forcing you to stay.


That b*tch is evil – and she’ll probably black mail you too! Is it really worth it to go through unnecessary drama for the sake of getting away from someone you don’t necessarily “like”. Most men will find it easier to just stick with her rather than risk his sanity, safety and career. 

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