IT’s FINALLY READY!: My Daddy’s Money – The Story of a Gold-digger is out now!

The novel that I have been working on for the best part of two years is finally completed and ready for purchase! You can find it on the link below:—the-story-of-a-gold-digger/6047931

and it will it in about 6-8 weeks. I am really excited about this being my sohomore release; but I’m aslo nervous of what readers will make of it! Hopefully, at the very least, a few improvements in my writing style.

You can check out chapter 1- 3 on the preview on the page and then either get the paperback or the download (which is considerably cheaper!). I tried my best to make the price as cheap as I could make it; as a self-publisher, I have to pay a lot more per book to be featured on amazon, barnes&noble et al with the big boys!

I am looking forward to reviews people and please let me know what you think whatever the case may be. Enjoy and thanks a million for the support from you all on

My storefront which shows my other projects too:

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