Jack Black Calls Out Donald Trump Again At Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony, “I Love You All So Much – Except For Donald Trump’s a Piece of Sh*t” 

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Comedian Jack Black received his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame this week and the ceremony was full of funny moments. However, some might say the greatest part was at the end of his speech when he expressed his heartfelt feelings for Donald Trump.

The “Jumanji” star began his acceptance speech with, 

“I’ve wanted one of these things for so long. Since I was a kid I thought, ‘Oh man, if you get one of those stars on the sidewalk, that means you’ve made it.’” He spoke candidly about his “retirement” from acting stating, “I got the thing! Why continue? Once you get the thing, I made it! I’m officially… I have made it,” he joked. At the conclusion of his speech, he expressed his gratitude to his fans and left them one last remark before walking away from the podium. He ended by saying, “Anyway, I love you all so much ― except for Donald Trump’s a piece of shit. Peace out! Love you!” Oh, Jack!

This definitely isn’t the first time Black has thrown shade at Trump. According to HuffPost, Black called on Hollywood stars to “talk more shit” about “that asshole” Trump at a benefit concert last year. He’s compared Trump to actor #CharlieSheen “when he was on crack” and called him an “evil f*cking warlock” who stole his rock band, Tenacious D’s, style. 

I Well Mr. Black, tell the world how you REALLY feel about Trump!

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