Jail Clerk Says She Was Fired After Reporting Supervisor For Giving Lap Dance To Deputy: ”Why did I get fired off top?”

A Georgia woman claims she was fired from her county job without explanation; however, she believes it may have something to do with a lap dance she witnessed and reported at work.

According to WSB-TV Atlanta, former Clayton County Jail clerk Sharon Cunningham said she was terminated after she reported her supervisor for giving a lap dance to a deputy. The supervisor, Gwenevere McCord, was suspended for five days without pay for unprofessional behavior.

But now, Cunningham is questioning why she received such a harsh punishment. “Why I did I get fired off top? Everyone else gets suspension,” she told the outlet.

Cunningham claims she was not given a reason for termination, but according to Complex, the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office said she was fired for “gossiping, making false allegations in writing, and lying while under investigation.” Cunningham denies the accusations and asserts that everything she reported was true.

McCord, who was accused of giving the lap dance, was previously in the news after she was shot by Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill. Hill wounded McCord in the 2015 shooting, while she was working as a realtor at the time. Sheriff Hill called 911 and claimed he accidentally shot McCord while they “practiced police tactics.”

Hill was ordered to pay a fine and was placed on probation following the shooting. According to Cunningham, Hill and McCord are now dating.

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