Jamal Bryant Threatens To Sue Bloggers Over Secret Baby Allegations: “You Played Yourself”

Pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Jamal Bryant is being accused of having another secret love child outside of his marriage with RHOP star Gizelle Bryant.

According to Bossip, several bloggers, including Funky Dineva, are alleging that Bryant is the father of a newborn baby whose mother is a member of his Atlanta church. However, Bryant says the claims are not true and that he will be taking legal action against the alleged slander. In an Instagram post, Bryant wrote, “You played yourself,” with a clip of #DJKhaled. Then, in a video post that was published on  New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s Facebook page, Bryant broke down the details of the drama he’s being accused of.

“I have been in a tale spin,” he said. “Reckless and irresponsible bloggers who went on with no facts, no evidence, and might I add, no truth to make baseless accusations that I had fathered a baby in April, May, February, January — here in Atlanta. And was hiding this baby from some mother in Atlanta or in my church. That number one is 1,000% untrue…1,000% faulty,” said Bryant.

Jamal Bryant

“Days gone by, I usually don’t say anything. Michelle Obama informed us …’ When they go low — we go high.’ If it was just for me I could just withstand it, ignore it and keep going but I have to think about my daughters, who are now of internet age, who have to read these falsities by cowards, who write things with no boundaries. […] Things I used to do I don’t do anymore, places I used to go, I don’t go anymore. The man that I am now is not the man that I used to be,” added the Pastor noting that” God changed him in spite of his mistakes.”

The allegations all stem from when Bryant came clean about having an affair in 2016 with another church member, Latoya Shawntee Odom. Odom ended up giving birth to their son, John Karston Bryant. His cheating ways are what also drove Gizelle to break it off with him initially, however, the two reconciled their problems last year, according to Bossip.

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