Man Who ‘Chugged’ Wine During US Capitol Riot Has Been Arrested

On Monday, the FBI said that a New Hampshire man was arrested after telling a local news channel that he had “chugged” wine he found during the January insurrection at the US Capitol.

According to a criminal complaint, Jason Daniel Riddle of Keene was charged Friday with three federal counts, including theft of government property.

It was no secret that Riddle was apart of the pro-Trump mob that stormed that capitol; the FBI cited court documents in which Riddle said so in an interview with NBC Boston.

In the interview, Riddle said he went to the Washington, D.C protest but had no intentions of breaking anything and “was in shock” after a group broke into the Capitol. But he did say that he followed the mob inside. He said, “I had to see it,”  adding that he found a bottle of wine in an office, poured himself a glass, and “chugged it and then got out of there.”

A criminal complaint charges Riddle with knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority; theft of government property; and violent entry and disorderly conduct.

On January 22, he admitted to the FBI that he entered the building after a “big dude” smashed a window to opened the door. According to an FBI statement of facts filed in the case, Riddle said he entered after the initial rush.

The FBI Document also claims that he also took a book, “Senate Procedure,” which he sold to someone outside for $40.

Many people across the country have been arrested for their participation in the Capitol attack, which led to five deaths, including a Capitol Police officer.


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