Jennifer Hudson Says She Shouldn’t Have To Pay For Her Ex’s Home

As the longstanding legal battle between Jennifer Hudson and her baby daddy, David Otunga, continues, Hudson is looking to cut the costs she has to cover in their custody battle. 

In documents obtained by The Blast, Hudson slammed Otunga over his claim that he’s been the primary guardian for their son while she traveled for work. She highlighted the fact that Otunga traveled during his time in the WWE and even accused him of trying to pursue a similar career path as hers, which, in turn, according to Hudson, debunked his claim that her travel led to his primary custody. 

“To accept David’s proposition that because he is present, he is a better parent would be to do a disservice to working parents in general and to Jennifer in particular,” Hudson said in her docs, as she denied “that her working and David either not working or professing not to work makes him more fit to personally care for the child in the City where the child attends school.” 

Although Otunga was granted primary custody of their son in 2017, Hudson questioned her ex’s ability to raise their son in a safe, loving environment. She also expressed her frustration in having to cover the cost of Otunga’s home and living expenses. In fact, she said “Nothing entitles David to live in a home identical to Jennifer’s,” especially since he could pay for his own home if he actually tried to find work. 

In the docs, Hudson said she has no desire or duty to support her ex, especially since the two were never married. 

“Having a child with a celebrity should not be the basis to treat David like someone who has given birth to a child and who has no means of supporting the child,” the legal docs said. “Jennifer is the one who gave birth to the minor child, who had the minor child with her as she traveled prior to the difficulties the parties experienced in their relationship.” 

In the meantime, the two are expected to face off in court next month, if they’re unable to reach a settlement in the case.

Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga
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  1. Suck it up buttercup. Women have been using men like this for years. Now, its your turn. Don’t like it? Tough titties said the kitties.

    • I do not think it is about using someone necessarily. If he is the primary care taker of the child while she was out working then she needs to respect the equity in that. The same way men need to. They were together ten years. Male or female you take a hit when you are the one raising kids. She needs to build a bridge and get over it. He was not a dead beat or weekend Father. What he gets also benefits your child…as woman say. Yes I am a woman. lol

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