Jesse Williams Seeks To Block Ex-Wife’s $200,000 Plea For Lawyer Fees In Divorce Battle

Jesse Williams is seeking to deny his ex-wife’s $200,000 plea for lawyer fees in their divorce battle.

Williams and his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, have been in an ongoing legal battle over several divorce matters, including child and spousal support, but now, Drake-Lee is asking the Grey’s Anatomy actor to cover her lawyer’s legal fees. 

According to documents obtained by E! News, earlier this month Drake-Lee requested in the court order for Williams to pay her lawyer $100,000. In addition, Drake-Lee asked the court to make Williams to pay $110,000 for the forensic accounting in their ongoing case.

In response, this week, Williams filed an objection in Los Angeles court, asking the court to deny Drake-Lee’s request. In other documents obtained by E! News, it stated that Williams has previously paid $270,000 towards Drake-Lee’s attorney’s fees and costs. Additionally, in court documents obtained by The Blast, Williams says the court should “send Aryn a message” that she too is “responsible” to pay for her attorney’s fees and that “this is not a free ride.”

 “Aryn has been able to avoid seeking meaningful employment, preferring instead to comfortably live off her substantial support,” the document states. The two are expected to see each other in court for a trial date later this year. 

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