Joe Budden Drags Murda Mook and Calls YesJulz “Casey Anthony Face” Over “Easily Offended” Ignorance

Earlier this week, social media influencer, YesJulz, made headlines after clips surfaced of her sit down with Murda Mook and ItzBizkit on their “Easily Offended” podcast. While the interview initially served as an opportunity for Julz, who is often referred to as a culture vulture, to clarify her past transgressions, it ended with a call to cancel everyone involved. 

Between Mook announcing his support of R. Kelly and declaring Julz – who claimed to be Puerto Rican and Italian – is black, and Julz “calling out” two black women in media and Joe Budden, the interview sparked reactions from all of Black Twitter, Karen Civil and Scottie Beam, who were both mentioned by Julz, and Budden. 

In fact, in his own podcast, “The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory and Mal,” Budden addressed each individual involved in the controversial show, and without mentioning Julz by name, dragged the “Casey Anthony Face” social media influencer by her Italian locks. 

As he addressed “Jason Williams Face,” he detailed Julz’s offensive remarks, from the “Niggas Lie A Lot” t-shirt to the tweets about black women. “It’s all of the circles that you frequent, from our natural resource. From our oil, it’s the career that you pursue. It’s the image that you portray, all while continuing to degrade, disrespect and disregard black women. And that’s where the mishap is.” 

“With your history, young lady,” he said. “You don’t get to speak down, look down or think down on nobody. I’m confused as to where that entitlement comes from. Actually, no I’m not.”

He then addressed her claim that he was trying to shoot his shot, saying, “Jason Williams face, that’s just not true. And the nerve of you to say that while I’m engaged is horrible. Ain’t nobody want your white ass.” After that, he called the influencer out on all her lies, from her time at Def Jam, her “friendship” with Kanye West, her trip to Africa, rumors about LeBron and more. 

“Check this out, women that move like you…wives don’t like it,” he said. “I didn’t see you at Pusha’s wedding. I ain’t see you at 2Chainz’s wedding. It’s pictures published all over the net, I was looking. Every Sunday, Sunday service come out – I don’t see it. Why are you allowed to make a name off of another fucking genius. Stop it, cause you curate a vibe?” 

“The psychological correlation is when you take powerful dick, however that makes you feel that entitlement or that privilege that it provides. It’s like ‘pick me’ privilege. That don’t give you a right to speak to ours in a certain light. It shouldn’t be connected,” he said. “That entitlement is going to get you outcasted as it already has.” 

“Niggas said, ‘Ay fam, check this out. Keep my husband name the fuck out your mouth. You piece of shit bitch. And I never want to see you say that shit again. Say it again and watch what happened,” he said. “And guess what, ain’t seen it since. I might not have seen her at an NBA game since that Pusha record came out,” he added, referring to Clipse’s “Popular Demand.” 

“I bring it up to say, this topic probably won’t make “The Shop,” he added, as he continued to air out Julz’s dirty laundry. “ I haven’t seen you at a Heat game since.” 

Elsewhere in the podcast, Budden clarified the KITH sweatpants story, which he had already addressed on his podcast. “I go get a whole bunch of these bullshit ass sweats to walk Brooklyn in, take ‘em back to Johnny’s thinking I might be fresh to death. I try them on, I feel like I look like shit. I say ‘Johnny, I feel like I look like shit. I walked out of Johnny’s house, I stood on the porch, I said ‘Johnny, take a pick so I could see if I look trash or not’ He took the pic, I posted the pic – everybody on the internet and said, ‘Yo, dawg. What the f*ck is that.” I went back in the house, folded everything up.” 

As he continued, he explained going back to the store to return the items. Although “Brent Barry face” told the story as if Budden was pissed because he was unable to return already-worn sweats, he said it was really because of the horrible customer service upon entry.

“I don’t see why this person keeps saying that story like it’s so embarrassing,” Budden said. “I’m not embarrassed at all by that story.”

From there, Budden called out ItzBizkit for not calling out that “white girl” for her attempts to attack Karen Civil, who, according to Budden, has helped him push his career. “Why the fuck is Brent Barry face allowed to still say [that she is Puerto Rican] that’s not true,” he said, calling Biz a “goof.” He then addressed Mook. 

“If you cancel Joe, news flash, guess who’s waiting in the ranks – you f*cking guessed it. Moe-Ahk,” Joe started, referencing Murda Mook. “I will no longer refer to Murda Mook as Murda or Mook or Harlem or Uptown or Battle Rapper or Goat. Mook is Mook’s slave name. Mook’s new, European battle rapper name is Moe-ahk.” 

“What a golden opportunity to use your platform for something other than an attempt to get hot,” he said. “Some of that shit you said, ew. I was very disappointed to know that Moe-Ah didn’t know the difference between ethnicity and nationality. Why is Moe-Ahk telling me that this white girl can say ‘nigga?’”

“He said, ‘No, No, No, you black. You can say nigga. What you doing later,’” Budden said, as he pulled the receipts from the podcast, and debunked Mook’s claims that the white kids in Harlem often said ‘Nigga.’ 

“I never knew that he was that ignorant in some of his beliefs,” Budden said. “That’s trying to get hot Moe-Ahk. Later on he went and said, ‘ah nah, R Kelly ain’t do nothing. I’m standing with him,’” Budden said, again pulling the clips. “I’ma keep it a bean with y’all, this is a really bad Joe Budden impression.”

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