Joe Rogan Opens Up About $100 Million Deal With Spotify “It Feels Gross… Especially Right Now When People Can’t Work”

Comedian and podcast host, Joe Rogan, recently signed a massive deal with streaming-giant, Spotify.

The deal, which sees The Joe Rogan Experience streaming exclusively on Spotify, ”could” amount to over $100 million, The Wall Street Journal reports.

While many would be happy to ink an enormous deal like that, it isn’t sitting right with Rogan himself, who now feels “weirdly richer.”

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March, over 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment. Now with Rogan sealing an extremely lucrative deal amid the brink of an economic crisis, he says it just ”feels gross.”

”Especially right now, when people can’t work,” Rogan told the New York Times.

Not only is the deal seemingly outrageous to him, but it doesn’t feel like reality.

“Like it doesn’t register. Seems fake,” Rogan stated.

By partnering with Spotify, The Joe Rogan Experience helped raise the company’s stock tremendously, adding $1.7 billion in market cap in just 23 minutes.

This deal is also far better than any deal most musicians could earn with the streaming-company.

“A musician would need to generate 23 billion streams on Spotify to earn what they’re paying Joe Rogan for his podcast rights (assuming a typical $.00437 payout per stream),” musician and critic Ted Gioia revealed on Twitter. “In other words, Spotify values Rogan more than any musician in the history of the world. Sound fair to you?”

Despite the impressive deal, Rogan insists he won’t let it get to his head.

“Why would I sell out now? You sell out to get what you want,” he added.

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