John Singleton’s Will Names Oldest Daughter As Beneficiary Of His Estate

Following the death of legendary filmmaker John Singleton, his mother has filed his will with the court and it names his oldest daughter, Justice, as the beneficiary. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, John’s mother, Sheila Ward, says the will calls for her to be the executor of the estate.

Ward says the will was created in 1993 and at the time John only had one child, his daughter Justice. The will states she is to receive all of his belongings when he passes, an estate Ward claims is worth $3,797,545. The $3.8 million estate more than likely doesn’t reflect Singleton’s full assets, as reports claim the director was worth $35 million at the time of his death. Other assets, such as movie rights, have yet to be determined.

Under California law, John’s six other children could have a strong case to divide the inheritance equally among themselves. According to TMZ, John’s children Maasai, Hadar, Cleopatra, Selenesol, Isis, and Seven may still have rights to his inheritance because they were not specifically excluded from the will. 

John Singleton DIes
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