JP Morgan Chase Employee Recorded Saying Racist Comments to Former NFL Player Jimmy Kennedy

According to DailyMail, Jimmy Kennedy, a former NFL Lineman, recorded Chase employees making racist comments towards him.

Kennedy was inquiring about becoming a “private client” that would allow him several discounts and perks but felt like he was being treated differently from other customers which led him to record the conversation being had.

“Your bigger than the average person, period. And you’re also an African American,” Charles Belton who was black as well told Kennedy, according to a New York Times report.

“We’re in Arizona. I don’t have to tell you about what the demographics are in Arizona. They don’t see people like you a lot.” he said.

Initially, a spokesperson for JP Morgan Chase released a statement saying they had not heard anything about recordings.

Once The New York Times released the recordings, the employee that can be heard making the comments on tape was placed on paid leave but has since resigned completely.

This was not Kennedy’s first instance with racist comments from the bank.

Kennedy’s first financial advisor, Ricardo Peters also caught racist comments. Peters’ boss, Frank Vernniro made several racist comments about a woman who was in need of financial advice.

“Then he complained to the same boss that another advisor was trying to steal a client — a woman who was black on a public housing assistance program known as Section 8 – who received $372,000 in a wrongful death settlement when her son died,” Vernniro said in the recording.


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