JR Smith Offers That Pipe To A Fan Via Twitter

You ladies are getting quite ridiculous with the screen shots. Everything doesn’t merit a screen shot. In this case a young lady who was being followed by JR Smith told him that she was going to the game, to which he replied “You trying to get the pipe?”.

Okay, he’s a young single guy, and I expect him to have said something so foolish, he’s JR Smith for God’s sake! Then again, what was the point of her telling him she was coming to the game if not to try and get the pipe? They obviously follow each other, I doubt this is even the first conversation they’ve had via Twitter DM’s. So, I really didn’t see the point of this. Either way, JR didn’t let that get him down. He responded via Twitter with another pipe request.

Hilarious!! I don’t know about you but he had K. Michelle ready to change her ways and settle down. I’m curious to what that pipe is like. Ol’ girl is trippin!

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