Judge Denies Chris Bosh Request To Take Daughter To London

Chris Bosh will be representing the United States during the Summer Olympics in London and although he wanted his 3 year old daughter to be there to watch him play,  a judge and his baby mama Allison Mathis have both denied his request. 


TMZ Reports

Chris Bosh’s3-year-old daughter will have to watch her daddy’s 2012 Olympic run on TV — a judge has refused to give the Miami Heat star permission to take his baby girl to London next month.


TMZ broke the story … Chris asked the judge to give him the green light to take her to London to watch him play — a move his baby mama Allison Mathis was fighting because of possible terrorism.


The judge mulled it over and has now sided with Mathis — refusing to let Bosh take their daughter overseas. It’s unclear exactly why the judge ruled against Bosh.


The judge said the couple is still free to hash out their own agreement outside court — but we’re told Mathis is refusing to budge … so that’s that. Sorry Bosh.


A lot of bloggers think Allison is wrong. Many are pegging her as a bitter baby mama, but allow me to play devil’s advocate for a second. As a single parent, would you let your child go halfway across the world without you? Yes, she may be in great hands with her dad but do you know how often she’ll really be with her dad? She’s only 3 years old. I personally, if I don’t know the new chick, I’m not banking my child’s safety on her.  I don’t 100% want to count out that she could be a bitter baby mama, but I know if I were in the same position, I wouldn’t let my 3 year old go to London without me either. 

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