Just Handing Out Shows.. Christina Milian Gets Nipple Pierced In New E! Realty Show

I’m not sure why anyone would want to watch a reality show starring Christina Milian, but somebody cutting checks at E! figured it would be a good idea and green-lit “Christina Milian Turned Up” which premiered this past Sunday.

A good sign that this show will probably be canceled before most of you have a chance to tune in, is the shock value their already forcing in this reality series. In the clip below you can see Christina getting her nipple pierced, which she claims is more painful than child birth.

I get it.. it’s all about the ratings and a good way to get ratings is hooking your audience with something edgy and precarious, but this show looks like it falls flat of anything substantial that one could grasp onto. My hunch is Christina’s Turned Up will be “turned off” is most households.

Does anyone else feel this show is unjustified?

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