Kansas City Chiefs Running Back, Damien Williams Robbed While In LA

Kansas City Chiefs running back, Damien Williams, was reportedly robbed while staying at house in Los Angeles, California, according to TMZ Sports.

Williams, 28, was not hurt, but the thieves we’re able to take $1,000 cash from Williams.

Reports say Williams checked into the rental property Saturday when the three men broke into the back door.

TMZ also says none of the intruders showed any form of having weapons but managed to surround the running back and his associates and demanded cash, in which Williams complied, and then the intruders left the scene.

Law enforcement has not identified any possible suspects, but are reviewing security footage and exploring possible motives.

A rep for Williams tells TMZ that Damien is doing well.

Damien Williams rushed for 104 yards and scored two 4th quarter touchdowns in the Chiefs Super Bowl victory over San Francisco 49ers February 2nd.

Damien Williams
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

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