Having a tight vagina has always been the secret why men go for young girls simply because they feel great when they feel the tightness.

So how do we tighten our vaginas for our baller?

Surgery – even though surgery is most effective and instant it is very expensive and also painful.

Creams – Creams can give you satisfying results to which you could always use it and control the tightness you want and control the money you spend.

Kegels – It is said that Kegel exercises make the vagina tighter. The basic exercise can be done anytime and anywhere. Just squeeze your PC muscles as hard as you can, and hold them. This is doing a kegel exercise. Start by squeezing and holding for a count of 3-5 seconds, then release and relax for 5 seconds. When you release, notice how your muscles feel. The first time you do a kegel exercise see how many times you can do it before you feel your muscles getting tired.

Ben Wa Balls – Ben Wa Balls are also known as vagina balls or internal-use balls. These balls are inserted in the vagina. Ben Wa Balls sometimes come with strings on them so you can easily pull them out when you’re done using them. They function as a kegel exerciser because you have to use your vaginal muscles in order to hold the balls. While the balls are inside, you will feel a different sensation when you rock while sitting or even while riding a bus. You may position the balls near your G-spot or anywhere you may please.

Quick Fix – Sitting in a vinegar and water bath.

These are the most common ways to keep it tight. Does anyone have any other methods they use?

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