Kelis Going On Trial For 20 Counts Of Contempt For Keeping Son Away From Nas

Singer Kelis and hip hop veteran Nas have been going back and forth with their custody battle over their son, Knight, for many years and it looks as though things may get a bit worse for Kelis.

Kelis could be facing jail time, as she is facing 20 counts of contempt of court, over allegations that she has continuously violated a custody agreement. Nas has been very open and vocal about the repeated claimed that Kelis refuses to abide by the agreement and won’t let him see his son.

Nas says Kelis planned to move to Colombia with her new husband and take Knight from him, in addition to the fact that he was supposed to have his son for New Year’s, but Kelis kept him in Colombia until January 14, leaving Nas with no way to get in touch with his son the entire time.

Kelis was allegedly fined $8,000 for not following the court order and has refused to pay. She is scheduled to go on trial June 20th and has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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  1. I’m just a dude from Miami and going thru a sour custody battle like this guy. My kids mother was held in contempt 4 or 5 times threatened a judge in person and over social media. Held my 16 yo from authorities for 6 weeks and admitted to it. Violated every order and got a warning later to stop it or else. Made 32 false reports to children and families and they sent her another letter to stop it or else. I spent nearly 50k in lawyer fees and the result is kids be returned to mom because I can’t stop them from running back to her. They are old enough now to make that decision for themselves I guess. Long story short the calf is the property of the cow. I spoke with a retired judge and she told me son you are black. No court in Florida is gonna give you any custody over these kids as long as the mother is sitting in that chair across the room and has a pulse and says she wants sole custody. I should have dropped out of this earlier like a friend told me and he is white American.
    Good luck to him and his family.

    • Don’t give up I’m a single father from Florida and I have sole custody of my daughter it’s possible

    • My husband’s ex-wife is from ratchet as Florida. My husband and I have very lucrative salaries from him working and me owning businesses. We spent 60k fighting for custody because we caught her when she moved to Georgia. A black man in Atlanta finally gave us custody. Mama was in shock because she got away for it so many years. I pray one day your children come back to you. I watched my husband cry many nights from alienation.

  2. My ex was too damned selfish to actually file for and keep my daughter away from me. It’s kind of ironic that the behavior that ran me away from her, helped to strengthen the bond I had/have with my daughter. I do ?? that all of the men whom long to but are prevented from having a healthy meaningful relationships with their children, stay the course.

  3. This seems so surreal in reading the whole situation. My childs father & I split however I wanted to go home to Germany to get help with raising her since I didnt have family in the USA. My childs father went to go put himself on child support and visitation to keep me from leaving the USA. I stayed & worked it out so that we could co-parent like responsible adults. Keep in mind he never paid his child support and was always in contempt with the state. However I never kept him from his child as it was important that they had a bond. It wasnt about me but my daughter. Fast forward 15 yrs, my childs father was just recently viscously attacked & past away from his injuries. It hurts because having to tell a young girl that loves her dad with all her heart that her dad is no longer here is heart breaking. As a mom, I cant fix that pain. Im at peace that regardless of us not being together we were able to come together for her. She will always have good memories. In reading this article it appears that Kelis has forgotten this. Life is short & not guaranteed. Gosh forbid something happens I cant see her being at peace with this being the memories of her child. Her behavior is beyond selfish, its irresponsible & takes away from the well being of the child and the bond he has with his father. For that alone, I could never support her position or behavior. #GrowUpBeforeItsTooLate ??

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