Kevin Hart Reflects On Oscars Controversy In New Netflix Docu-Series

Kevin Hart Reflects On Oscars Controversy In New Netflix Docu-Series ‘Don’t F*ck This Up’

Kevin Hart’s new six-part Netflix documentary series ‘Don’t F*ck This Up’ dropped Friday and the comedian got very candid about some of his most controversial moments in his recent life and career, including his father’s drug use, the adultery scandal and extortion video as well as stepping down from hosting the Oscars. 

Cameras captured the moment Kevin received confirmation of hosting the Oscars; then the sudden backlash soon after when old tweets resurfaced and Hart was accused of using anti-gay sentiments and homophobic terminology and slurs. Kevin’s team advised him that his damage control tactic was unsuccessful, although he felt his approach was justified.

“You need to learn how to stop and think,” Hart’s publicist is shown discussing with a team member. “He’s not used to being the person that’s not loved and cherished,” his publicist said before stating the comedian needed to take a “humility pill.” 

Kevin’s team members were ultimately frustrated with how his actions put them in a tough spot. “He needs to just shut up and put his head down for the next few weeks… What he needs to remember is he’s feeding 50-60 people. When he takes a shitter, everybody takes a shitter and that’s a big issue now,” his publicist said. 

Nine days after stepping down from hosting the Oscars, Hart set up an emergency meeting with his Hartbeat Productions team, where he continued to emphasize that he didn’t want to keep addressing the controversy and wants to move on. “I don’t want to go backward. I just want to go forward,” Hart told his team. 

“What I thought was going to blow over ended up becoming a bigger mess than I expected,” Hart said after comments he made on The Ellen DeGeneres Show further disappointed the LGBTQ community. “Everybody is telling me my approach is wrong… There’s a lot of cooks in the kitchen but there’s only one person in the hot water,” Hart explained.

Reflecting on the controversy to the camera, Hart explains, “what I thought it was it wasn’t, and my approach to dealing with it because of the assumption that I had is just wrong.” Kevin even admitted that he “missed an opportunity.” 

“I missed an opportunity to say simply that I don’t condone any type of violence in any way, shape or form to anyone for being who they are. I f*cked up. Instead, I said, ‘I addressed it.’ I said, ‘I apologized.’ I said, ‘I talked about this already.’ I was just immature.”

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