Wendy Williams Estranged Husband Blames Her For Ruining Relationship with Son

Kevin Hunter Sr. believes that his estranged wife Wendy Williams has drawn a major wedge between him and their son Kevin Hunter Jr since the announcement of their divorce last month.

Sources close to Wendy with direct knowledge of the divorce say Kevin Sr. has been very vocal about his beliefs that Wendy has sabotaged his relationship with their son by telling him about their personal issues. He said he has made several attempts in recent weeks to spend time with his son to repair the relationship, but either gets ignored or sent one-word responses.

The father and son reportedly had a close relationship prior to the divorce and Sr. says that was the trigger for the change with Jr. Although Sr. admitted his wrong-doings, to include having a child out of wedlock with another woman, he feels Wendy’s feelings about it have been transferred to their son.

Kevin Hunter Jr. was recently arrested for assault after he got into an altercation with his father in a New Jersey parking lot, allegedly punching him in the nose after his dad put him in a headlock. The fight was reportedly over Kevin Sr.’s demand for spousal support and Kevin Jr. no longer living off of his mother’s wealth.

Kevin Sr. says he has no plans to pursue criminal charges against his son over the fight but is in fear that their relationship may be permanently damaged.

Kevin Hunter Blames Wendy for Relationship
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