Kim Kardashian Builds 'Little Hidden Hills' Replica of 'Hidden Hills' In Her Backyard For Her Kids

Kim Kardashian Builds ‘Little Hidden Hills’ Replica of ‘Hidden Hills’ In Her Backyard For Her Kids

My childhood toys come nowhere close to the Kardashian kids’ new play town. Kim Kardashian is constructing a “Little Hidden Hills” town in her backyard for her children, complete with storefronts and everything.

An overhead shot of the nearly finished area, which includes its own security gate, an archway that reads “Lil’ Hidden Hills,” a “KKW Beauty Boutique,” a Starbucks, a “West” diner, a fire station, and a Lego castle, was obtained by the Daily Mail. The iconic Calabasas gated-community known as “Hidden Hills” is where the Kardashians and other A-list celebrities reside.

Other development on the Calabasas property appears to be underway, including what appear to be pews, possibly for Sunday Service, though Kanye West is not currently residing there following Kardashian’s divorce filing.



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